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Hi there, they’ve asked me to do a tech tips column but given that my usual method of communication consists of 60% sarcasm, 38% swearing and 2% coherent discussion, I suppose I had better be careful.

With that in mind, let’s begin! What should I write about??? 1 hour later…

I had an article all written out on the three things you need to do for basic bike maintenance, and when I’d finished it was 3 pages long.

Since I’ve been asked to keep this to around 1/2 a page ill start with your oil.

Oil has a bit of mystique surrounding it. Mineral? Semi synthetic? Fully synthetic? Weights, blends, volumes, aromatics, additives. It’s like talking to people about wine.

But at its heart it’s very simple. Whether it’s the best boutique dinosaur juice or the latest lab made chem mix, it’s there to do 3 things.

Provide lubrication to bearings and surfaces. Suspend debris and dirt and carry them to the filter and to provide cooling by reducing friction. Any oil is better than no oil, and checking is better than repairing so…

Oil level is best checked after a ride. Pull up, park, take your helmet and jacket off and that’s the right amount of time to let the oil settle.

If you have a sight glass, just pull the bike up off the side stand until it’s level and have a look in the window. Do you see oil? Great! Job done.

If you have a dip stick, remove it and wipe it clean. Place it back in the hole and now pull the bike upright. Let it rest back on the stand and have a look at how high the level is on the stick.

In both cases if the oil is low either top it up or come find me and I’ll adjust the level for you. That’s it, about 30 seconds every couple of rides and you’ll dramatically reduce potential damage to your bike.

You’ll find more details for in the owner’s manual, online manual or come in and ask.

Skinny’s Social is also a great way to do learn how to do all this and much much more yourself. And I’m there every other Friday evening so that’s a bonus.

Done. Did I cover it? Yes! Did I swear? No! Did I go off on tangents Yes but they’ve been edited out…time to get back to work.

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