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Our team of independent mechanics works together to get you the best service possible.
They share resources, tools, space, and world-class software to make sure your bike is taken care of in the most professional and timely way.



After spending countless years as a gold class industry client (several of them as Skinny’s customer), Rev decided to get involved in the industry and naturally sought Alex as his business partner. A passion project for him. He proudly exclaims he has not worked a day since coming into the garage, “it’s all just fun and games”. Diversifying the business and acquiring our dealers license Rev has opened up new doors for Skinny’s that otherwise would not have existed. Buying and selling quality used bikes, sourcing bikes for customers, selling bikes on our customer’s behalf and exploring new and exciting ways to grow the business is something both Alex and Rev live for and will continue to do into the future. Whatever your motorcycle needs are, buying, selling collecting, “Rev” is the man to talk to.



Taking a huge leap of faith in opening Skinny’s Garage in 2018 in a small shed in the back streets of Bulimba, Alex started his rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurial journey. Spending the previous 11 years in the industry as a mechanic, workshop manager, race team coordinator and all around problem solver he decided it was time to give it a go and fly solo. He set out to take what he had learnt and apply it to his own business. And now, together with Rev the business has been growing from strength to strength. Alex’s main passion is still time on the tools, solving technically challenging problems, modifying and upgrading adventure and endure bikes or tinkering with an old CB or Shovel. That’s his happy place and where you are most likely to find him when you walk in. Always happy to lend advice or talk bikes.



The biggest personality in the workshop, Mick will always be heard from across the room. Spending many years working in different positions back in Brisbane’s motorcycle hay day. He has finally re-entered the motorcycle industry to run front of house at Skinny’s. With an impressive beard where he hides his big smile Mick is the man in charge of making sure this well-oiled machine runs smoothly. Managing job flow and customer interaction Mick shares his passion for motorcycles with everyone who steps through door. When call to book your service it will be Mick you get to meet as a first impression of Skinny’s, and what an impression he will leave.



What TK has managed to forget about motorcycles most people will never know. After spending more years on the tools than any of us can count TK joined the Skinny’s team just over a year ago. He can always be seen in the back in his well-lit work area mumbling to himself about torque settings or valve clearances and alike. He is always happy to impart knowledge but you will have to speak up. After years of being intimately close to loud motorcycles, TK can hardly hear a thing. Our master of YouTube video uploads he is always busy educating the motorcycling community at large. Mechanic of the year for several brands and several years TK prides himself on building robust adventure and rally bikes and playing the Texa diagnostic tool like a well tuned piano. The only tech we have to have reached Wizard level, follow TK on his Instagram and YouTube channels.



Entering the 4th year of his apprenticeship, Luke has been with Alex shortly after the business opened its doors. As Skinny’s first employee Luke has grown with the business. From sweeping floors to rebuilding engines he has been honing his skills well on his way to becoming a valuable tech. Riding his dirt bikes hard most weekends on some of the most challenging trails in South East Queensland Luke is gaining first hand knowledge on bush mechanics and trail side repairs. Now riding to work and back he has a new-found appreciation for the grind and commute and what it takes to keep commuter bikes running without fail. Looking like a 1980s AFL player with his curly mullet our LAMS bike specialist is always busy.
Feel free to talk to him about your LAMS bike or about which part of his bike he has broken this weekend.



After starting his apprenticeship elsewhere Ben realised he wanted a more from his motorcycle career. Joining the team a couple of years ago, Ben is excited about the technical progress he has made and will soon become a fully fledged tech. A true motorcyclists Ben spends time away from fixing bikes riding bikes and is always impressing and charming fellow riders with his big smile, easy banter and knowledge that far exceeds the number of his years. Not afraid of ever more advanced challenges Ben is progressing with his first full resto project, an old XR600. With the most impressive tool-box in the workshop and a keenness to use every single one of them he continues to impress.

Brisbane’s garage for people who love riding bikes, fixing bikes, building bikes.

Brisbane’s garage for people who love
riding bikes, fixing bikes, building bikes.

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